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    來源:http://www.apersianrug.com/ 日期:2021-04-26 發布人:admin 在印刷過程中,印版上的網點縮小、空虛、消失,從而導致圖文細小線條、文字的消失,這種現象叫花版?;ò媸歉R姷墓收现?,并且會反復出現,花版發生時,高調的細網點很快就會丟失。因此在實地印刷中,因版基親油基礎破壞也會產生這種花白現象。
    In the process of printing, the dot on the printing plate shrinks, empties and disappears, which leads to the disappearance of fine lines and characters. This phenomenon is called patterning. Patterning is one of the most common faults, and will occur repeatedly. When patterning occurs, high-profile fine dot will be lost soon. Therefore, in the field printing, because of the damage of plate base lipophilic base, this kind of graying phenomenon will also occur.
    The causes of the pattern are as follows
    1. The amount of fountain solution is too large;
    2. The printing plate is easy to appear when the pressure is too low, but it is easy to wear the printing plate when the pressure is too high. The printing pressure should be adjusted reasonably in strict accordance with the technical requirements;
    3. The acidity of fountain solution;
    4. Improper adjustment of water roller and ink roller or aging and deformation of water roller and ink roller are easy to produce pattern;
    5. Caused by uneven surface or uneven color of substrate.
    Pattern need to be found in time, find out the reason, take corresponding measures can be avoided.
    As another kind of printing failure, paste printing is often encountered, which is characterized by dot expansion, deformation and mutual adhesion, which makes the level of the printed matter blurred. In the event of paste failure, according to the nature of the ink, with the appropriate solvent for scrubbing. When scrubbing, pay attention to start from the printing surface and gently wipe from the middle to the periphery. Check the printing plate after wiping, if there is a defect, repair it in time, and restart printing after repair.
    The causes of paste are as follows:
    1. Poor water control;
    2. Too much ink and too thin ink;
    3.印刷壓力太大。處理方法有如下幾種:1.油墨中添加調墨油;2.增大供水量,尤其是 增大藥水酸值;3.采用濃度大的油墨,盡量使印跡薄一些;4.選用較高表面張力的藥水;5.調整印版和橡皮輥筒之間的壓力;6.減少干燥劑;7.調換較快干型的樹脂墨。
    3. Too much printing pressure. The treatment methods are as follows: 1; 2. Increase the water supply, especially the acid value; 3. Use high concentration ink to make the imprint thinner as far as possible; 4. Choose the liquid medicine with higher surface tension; 5. Adjust the pressure between the plate and the rubber roller; 6. Reduce desiccant; 7. Change the fast drying resin ink.
    Pattern and paste version must be solved in time, not in time will only cause greater losses, so small problems in printing will also be big defects, careful will always get better prints.
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