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          來源:http://www.apersianrug.com/ 日期:2020-08-10 發布人:shengfeng
          Self adhesive label, also known as self-adhesive label, is mainly used in liquid washing products and popular personal care products; film materials are mainly used in high-grade daily chemical products. So what are the main applications of transparent label printing? Today, Shengfeng printing editor will take you to know:
          Daily chemical industry:
          It has been widely used in daily chemical industry. It is understood that at present, more than 30% of the domestic daily chemical products use self-adhesive labels as labels. However, according to statistics, at present, the self-adhesive labels in the domestic market are still maintaining a rapid growth momentum in the daily chemical industry, and are more widely used. The label materials will also develop in the direction of high-level and diversification.
          Pharmaceutical industry:
          With the promulgation of GMP certification standards, the pharmaceutical industry has higher requirements for the standardization of drug packaging, whether for the packaging of hygiene or beauty, are making further requirements. The self-adhesive label can meet the needs of drug packaging on the premise that the adhesive material reaches the hygienic standard.
          On the one hand, the production requirements of the pharmaceutical industry are relatively high, and the flow process is fast. Many medicine bottles need automatic labeling to meet the requirements; on the other hand, self-adhesive materials are suitable for various printing methods, with clear pictures and text, neat and strong adhesion effect, which makes the self-adhesive label meet the market requirements for drug packaging. Electronic equipment in the electronic industry has now spread in every corner of people's lives. With the further popularization of household appliances and communication tools, the development of electronic industry has been unprecedented.
          又如行李標簽、超市價格標簽、儲運標簽等,現 在都已經應用得較為普遍。在歐洲一些物流發達國家,用于可變信息打印的不干膠標簽已經占到不干膠標簽市場總需求量的40%以上。
          Such as luggage tags, supermarket price tags, storage and transportation labels, etc., have been widely used. In some developed logistics countries in Europe, self-adhesive labels for variable information printing have accounted for more than 40% of the total demand of the label market.
          Logistics industry is an emerging industry, many large and medium-sized cities in China hope to play the role of logistics center. Using bar code for production management and logistics management, bar code self-adhesive label is the most basic requirement. With the rapid development of logistics industry, the market will have a huge demand for variable information label.
          Anti counterfeiting industry:
          The characteristics of self-adhesive label have the application conditions in the anti-counterfeiting industry. The application fields include alcohol, food, medicine, health care products, cosmetics, children's products, toys, clothing tags, shoe labels, computer hardware and software products, sports goods, auto parts, agricultural materials, etc. The use of self-adhesive anti-counterfeiting label on commodities has a wide market development space in China.
          According to the AQSIQ, meat products, dairy products, beverages, condiments, frozen food, instant noodles, biscuits, canned food, quick-frozen rice flour food, puffed food and other food began to implement the market access system, and they must be pasted with QS mark before they can leave the factory and enter the circulation field. This regulation also provides business opportunities and markets for self-adhesive enterprises.
          The above is the main content of Shengfeng printing editor. If you have any questions, please click the following link: http://www.apersianrug.com/ Come to consult.