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          來源:http://www.apersianrug.com/ 日期:2019-08-31 發布人:admin 包裝常用防偽標簽的種類及其特點
          Types and Characteristics of Anti-counterfeiting Labels Used in Packaging
          Fragile paper labels
          Use special fragile paper or fragile adhesive material, which can print trademarks, text descriptions and bar codes. It can not be completely uncovered after pasting on the package. Once uncovered, the paper will break.
          Comprehensive anti-counterfeiting and anti-scratch indentation paper label
          The anti-counterfeiting function can be strengthened by using a variety of anti-counterfeiting technologies to make self-adhesive paper labels. In order to prevent the label from being uncovered, replaced and reused, die-cutting indentation technology can be used to prevent the label from being uncovered, and the label can not be recovered after uncovering.
          Anti-exposing and sealing
          Exposure-type anti-counterfeiting seals with a base material as plastic film are made of colored and wordless plastic strips before uncovering; after uncovering, colored handwriting can be seen on paper and obvious colourless handwriting can be seen on plastic strips, which has the characteristics of immediate exposure and loss, and is mostly used in anti-counterfeiting envelopes, electrical warranty labels and other fields.
          Anti-counterfeiting polyester film label
          Aluminum foil wordless adhesive tape is used before uncovering, and obvious colored handwriting is found on label paper and packaging material after uncovering.
          Transparent PVC typeface unmasking universal label
          Before uncovering, the label is white, wordless and self-adhesive film. After uncovering, the label and packaging material have obvious colored handwriting.
          Rule-exposed composite anti-counterfeiting label
          It belongs to the anti-counterfeiting label of self-adhesive. When used, the label is affixed directly to the commodity; when identified, the label is uncovered, and a pre-designed invisible graphic and text-negative image will be left on the package; when uncovered, the invisible graphic and text-negative image will be left on the label. Holographic film, copperplate paper and plastic film can be used as surface materials.
          Transparent PVC anti-counterfeiting label
          Transparent laser holographic film with personalized information on sticker labels or other documents does not affect the overall design and original effect, but also adds anti-counterfeiting function, which makes the label personalized.
          Laser holographic image label
          Laser hologram technology is mainly used in anti-counterfeiting packaging to print anti-counterfeiting labels and trademarks. The factors affecting the anti-counterfeiting performance of laser holographic labels are the type and location of the labels. There are several kinds of anti-counterfeiting labels for laser holographic images.
          (1) Self-adhesive type: Holographic anti-counterfeiting pictures and texts are made on non-adhesive materials, and no binder is applied when using, which has better mechanical adaptability. * The disadvantage is that it can be used repeatedly, and the wrongdoers can make use of the old packaging and labels to make fake.
          (2) Anti-exposing type: It makes up for the shortcomings of ordinary sticker labels. When the labels are removed from the packaging, the holographic images of the labels are totally different and can not be used again, which can prevent the use of old labels to fake.
          (3) Hot stamping: It is a kind of holographic anti-counterfeiting label that can not be uncovered. Hot stamping machine is used to stamp the holographic anti-counterfeiting label on the packaging material and integrate it with it.
          Barcode technology label
          At present, there are many kinds of bar codes used. There are two kinds of anti-counterfeiting bar codes: one-dimensional bar code and two-dimensional bar code. Bar code technology can not only promote better and faster application, but also achieve the goal of not being counterfeited and protecting the interests of consumers.
          Paper-based partially uncovered labels
          The base material of the label is copperplate paper (special paper can also be used), gravure, relief and offset printing. Just uncover the top, and the bottom will have data for consumers to enter queries. The label can not be reused. When used as a seal, the sticker is firm and not easy to fall off.
          Foam film label
          It is a unique semi-glossy white film composed of two layers of polystyrene film. The surface is transparent film, suitable for printing; the lower layer is expanded white foam film. Use * acrylic adhesives. It has a good security and anti-counterfeiting effect. When the label is pasted onto the substrate, the two layer film is separated, the label is torn, and the remnants of the foam layer are left on the package, which is difficult to be removed. Suitable for use in humid environment, especially in the production and packaging process of beverages, dairy products and other products, has extraordinary practical value. Suitable for safety labels for glass, PVC, polystyrene bottles and polished cartons.