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    來源:http://www.apersianrug.com/ 日期:2021-04-28 發布人:admin 可移除性的不干膠標簽材料一般來說可分為兩大類:薄膜類和紙張類??梢瞥唐窐撕炛傅氖菍⑸唐窐撕烉べN到商品上以后,可以在相對比較穩定的環境下輕松地將商品標簽從商品表面上移除,而且黏合劑并不會殘留在物品表面上??梢瞥桓赡z標簽也有著可重貼性。
    Removable label materials can be generally divided into two categories: film and paper. Removable commodity label means that after the commodity label is pasted on the commodity, the commodity label can be easily removed from the surface of the commodity in a relatively stable environment, and the adhesive will not remain on the surface of the article. Removable self-adhesive labels can also be re attached.
    Removable labels are generally used in the following business areas:
    1. Decoration label of electrical products. The characteristic of this kind of commodity label is: it can be removed anytime and anywhere, or it can be retained for a long time. Such as the commodity label on the TV screen, the commodity label on the surface of the microwave oven, the commodity label on the surface of the electric iron and the commodity label on the lens of the glasses.
    2. The product label applied in marketing the product. The characteristics of this kind of commodity labels are: in the process of marketing activities, commodity labels can be pasted on the surface of commodities. When the commodity marketing activity is over, the commodity label is torn off from the commodity, and the surface of the commodity is not damaged. Such as home refrigerator, automatic washing machine marketing activities application of commodity labels.
    3. Commodity labels are used at the seal of daily necessities. The characteristic of this type of commodity label is that it can be pasted again or applied several times. For example, the product label on the seal of the paper towel package, the product label on the seal of some drinking water bottle mouth and the product label on the surface of some products used several times.
    4. Commodity labels on the surface of clothing and textiles. This type of commodity label consists of two parts, decorative commodity label and priced commodity label. The feature between them is that when the label is removed from the surface of a textile, it will not damage its fiber or change the appearance of the commodity.
    5. Special commodity labels in office supplies. This kind of commodity label refers to the blank commodity label with blank surface and partial gelatinization on the reverse side, also known as n-times labeling. This kind of commodity label has the light yellow, the light blue, and has the different specification model, the quantity packing. This kind of commodity label is used for message, note, mark, etc., which is often used in the office of the company. This kind of commodity label can be easily torn off and pasted on the surface of various types of goods, which is very convenient for application.
    The above content is provided by Shandong transparent label printing company. For more wonderful information, please click: http://www.apersianrug.com We adhere to the integrity-based business philosophy, welcome your cooperation!

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